This provides cmake modules that can be re-used by boost and other dependencies. It provides modules to reduce the boilerplate for installing, versioning, setting up package config, and creating tests.


The modules can be installed using standard cmake install:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build . --target install

Once installed, the modules can be used by using find_package and then including the appropriate module:


Quick Start

Building a boost library

The BCM modules provide some high-level cmake functions to take care of all the cmake boilerplate needed to build, install and configuration setup. To setup a simple boost library we can do:

cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 3.5)


bcm_setup_version(VERSION 1.64.0)

add_library(boost_config INTERFACE)
add_library(boost::config ALIAS boost_config)
set_property(TARGET boost_config PROPERTY EXPORT_NAME config)

bcm_deploy(TARGETS config INCLUDE include)

This sets up the Boost.Config cmake with the version 1.64.0. More importantly the user can now install the library, like this:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build . --target install

And then the user can build with Boost.Config using cmake’s find_package:


add_executable(foo foo.cpp)
target_link_libraries(foo boost::config)

Or if the user isn’t using cmake, then pkg-config can be used instead:

g++ `pkg-config boost_config --cflags --libs` foo.cpp


The BCM modules provide functions for creating tests that integrate into cmake’s ctest infrastructure. All tests can be built and ran using make check. The bcm_test function can add a test to be ran:

bcm_test(NAME config_test_c SOURCES config_test_c.c)

This will compile the SOURCES and run them. The test also needs to link in boost_config. This can be done with target_link_libraries:

target_link_libraries(config_test_c boost::config)

Or all tests in the directory can be set using bcm_test_link_libraries:


And all tests in the directory will use boost::config.

Also, tests can be specified as compile-only or as expected to fail:

bcm_test(NAME test_thread_fail1 SOURCES threads/test_thread_fail1.cpp COMPILE_ONLY WILL_FAIL)